Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kulula Airlines

Plus our planes are quite unique because they are painted in their very own paint schemes, making your flight experience uniquely memorable. Some of these include the ‘cow' plane, ‘camo' plane and ‘the jetsetter' plane (watch this space for more wacky planes...)

I received an email last week about Kulula airlines. It was hilarious and I dare say you will get it as it does the rounds. This is a South African airline with a wonderful sense of purpose and humour. They aim to be more eco friendly but they also aim to cheer travellers up. They are actually aware they are carrying people who have needs and wants and who probably could use a laugh. Flying can be a worry these days, sad to say, when it used to be such a good experience. Kulula is making a great effort to put the fun back into flying. 

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