Sunday, March 20, 2011

Clipsal 500

"It is a great result for South Australia and full credit to (former premier) John Olsen 13 years ago and (chairman of V8 Supercars Australia) Tony Cochrane and (chairman of the Motor Sport Board) Roger Cook, who were the founders of this great race and I am very proud that we have been able to build on the early success," he said.

The Clipsal 500 has been on all weekend. It is an event a lot of people look forward to. Those living in town get woken up early with sound checks and then have the fun of the racket. It is all accepted by most even though it is hard because it affects the Hutt Street end of town quite considerably. Those who live there have to think and plan how they will manage it. It doesn't dampen anyone's spirit , though. I am not a fan but we all accept there are plenty of people who love this event and revel in the thrill of it. So we adapt. Normally I would go to town but not with the Clipsal on. So we met at Unley and I was dreading the drive. I would normally stay locally and out of the city on the Clipsal weekend. The trip to Unley was straight forward and so was the trip back. No bottle necks for me. Those coming from town managed an easy trip with the local bus services to and from only from the city. Worked like a charm. Later I had to drive to the airport and the traffic was running smoothly. They seem to have sped up the lights because they were going between red and green quite quickly. It meant a break in the traffic but little time spent waiting at  lights. All good. Driving back from the airport to the south was easy and then a later trip to the Marion area was easy again. So I spent the whole of Saturday on the roads and I wasn't held up once and the people using public transport managed their trips easily . I have to say , Adelaide has got it right with this Clipsal. It has been really well organised and even the people who live in town have been appreciative of the little adjustments made this year which have ensured some respite from constant noise. 

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