Sunday, February 13, 2011

Telstra Glide

Market driven consumerism means you have to make yourself get out there and look for what you really want or you end up buying what is currently the in thing. I don't need an iPhone. I have an iPod Touch and I appreciate it a lot. I don't want a phone which will crack the screen. I don't want a phone I can't put easily in my pocket and I don't want a phone which weighs a tonne. I love my new phone. I'd love a Telstra T Pad Touch but when I think about it , I have my iPod Touch so I don't need it and I don't need something so big to use as a phone. Damn! I was trying so hard to find a reason to get a T-Pad Touch. So I have looked at all sorts of phones at all sorts of prices. I had to swap phones with my daughter last week. She has a Nokia e63. Pretty nice phone. Too wide and too heavy but I could use it so easily and was taken with the keyboard and screen display. Finally I had a clue. I googled and searched again. Telstra was advertising the Telstra Glide on its site so I went over to the shop. Couldn't believe it. This phone has been made just for me and didn't come with a big price tag. It has touch and scrolling capabilities but you can click the arrows like on my old flip phone. It came with a stylus which is perfect for me if my fingers are sore which happens sometimes. The little keyboard slides under the phone and there is easy access to it. Works like a charm and finally I can type proper SMSs. It charges at the wall or on my computer and has a programme to connect it to my computer so I can manage my phone files. The screen is a decent size, it has some handy applications and is the perfect size for me. I just love my Telstra Glide and can't understand why more has not been made of them. It has the best of all worlds.  I love it!!! I just need to get rid of the Telstra Logo and the BigPond music logo which are marring my lovely wallpaper. 

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