Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mintabie out of water

"You'd think with all the rain we've had this year the water tables should be higher but they're not," said Mr Zito, who runs a store and mechanics business, as well as mining his claim.

"It's critical and if you look at the amount of people that are left here in town, the amount of water we use it's not a lot of water. Where's the water?

Yes, where  is the water and why are the people of Mintabie forced to live without potable water? The water they have is contaminated, is just about to run out and there was a report made five years ago that this needed URGENT attention. These people are in our state and living in hideous conditions with children. I would expect to hear that water will be sent to them IMMEDIATELY and they can work out where all the  local water has gone once the people of Mintabie have 2011 living conditions in South Australia. This is unthinkable. Fix it.

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