Monday, January 03, 2011

Looters in Queensland Flood areas

Their plans have been put on hold as they struggle to protect their own homes - not only from floodwaters, but also from looters.

You cannot get lower than that, can you? Bad enough the Queenslanders are facing all the floods without opportunistic  creeps stealing their stuff as well. The water makes it harder to catch them. That makes them doubly, triply creeps. May their own lives become total misery . To steal from the totally vulnerable is unthinkable but obviously they have looked at the odds and thought they were onto something good. It would be good to name them. It will be hard to catch them , as I said, but I'd like to think satellite surveillance could actually be put to good use when people are facing awful disasters. This flooding is so harsh because it creeps up along with the creepy individuals...then, whammo, your place and belongings are gone. All you have worked for. Some insurances won't be covering the damage. At the moment they will have far bigger things to contend with than thieves, I guess,...but the looters should not be tolerated nor overlooked at all.... and while I am at it...police need special flood protective clothing to wear. They shouldn't be wading in floods in their normal uniforms.

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