Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Skin Cancer

"We're at a point where some of these messages need to be redefined for the public to reinvigorate the public health message with respect to skin cancer and reinvigorate the importance of this very simple public health message," he said.

We are coming into summer so it is a bit alarming to hear that people are ignoring the skin cancer protective measures. it is something we can protect ourselves against and this is a country where it takes hold.  The slip , slop , slap campaign was very successful. We have let a few years pass now so bringing it back or something similar ought to be happening. Then, what is wrong with giving people facts? We are not invincible so a few well chosen facts should bring us back to earth. The girl who died form the solarium exposure is our most recent well known case, but that was probably too real for a lot of young people to be able to deal with and maybe they have just decided they don't care. They do though and we just need to get the sensible thinking back in action. Hat wearing is hard. A lot of kids do not want to wear hats, but we can push the shade, we can push the sun tan lotion and we can make a few sensible habits stick.

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