Friday, October 01, 2010

Boothyby votes not counted

THE ballot papers of almost 3000 Boothby voters were eliminated from the federal election count because of an innocent error by an "obsessive compulsive" booth official, an Australian Electoral Commission investigation has found. 

Innocent or not it is outrageous. Firstly, the behaviour is not in line with the protocols in election vote counting. Secondly, other than an apology there appears to be no form of redress...oh, it won't happen again. So now we have a situation where one booth hasn't been handled properly because of faulty electoral act knowledge, maybe there were others. Not good enough. Voting has to be water tight, no excuses, no ifs ands or buts and this is one of the reasons we are all getting fed up with politics. We HAVE to be able to trust the system no matter which country we are in. No one should be working in a booth without a full understanding of what the legal procedures are and clearly we have a need for supervisors as well. Not good enough. We now have 3000 votes which were not counted.

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