Monday, September 06, 2010

Tuesday Tomorrow

Yes, it's Tuesday tomorrow and with any luck all the silly buggas will be over and we can get on with running our country. I am not totally opposed to the fact we have stopped, fiddle faddled, lost the plot and then regrouped. In a certain way we all have a much better understanding of the workings of our government and election protocols and we have learned some hard lessons and there are more lessons to be learned. Anything which will get us past the like/ dislike approach to politics will have to do us good especially if we wish to become a republic. We can't do that without thinking things out in a more considered fashion. So 3 weeks down the track and we might be letting the hung parliament off the hook and then again..we still might have an impasse. Should the impasse continue we are duty bound to scrutinise why we have arrived at this spot and what we need to do to make us create a better government for ourselves and our politicians. One thing which has become clear is that so few politicians actually get a voice and so many hard working working, worthy politicians are overlooked in the bi partisan clap trap which tends to fill the air waves. We need to get more voices into  the mix!

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