Monday, August 23, 2010

Hung Parliament 2010

Well, the election - non election was the talk of the town at work today. Some were saying this situation is actually exciting and we all agreed it was the best thing to happen to us because there are so many unresolved issues. We have been pushed into participating in political potshots and the arguments of one against the other. At this point in time everyone is talking about it and everyone is trying to think their way out of it. The connection between the Governor General and Bill Shorten has come to  light, we have the unresolved mining issues and pressures. We are all wondering why the obvious climate change and science cannot seem to be properly addressed by anyone, nor homelessness, nor the indigenous issues. Our country has some big issues which have been smothered in political claptrap and put downs when we know we need to be talking about these things and resolving them. Government by consensus was a thought which came to mind and there was a strong belief that Australia had the capacity to put together a stable minority government if we continue to think it out rather than slang it out. All of this is heartening as has been the fact we were talking about women in politics and the fact Amanda Rishworth did extremely well in her seat but that has been largely overlooked because we have all these men to talk about.We thought it would be better to look at the good things we have done - like survive the global financial crisis, like the fact we can actually talk to each other, like the fact we have built some infrastructure to be proud of and we are getting some admirable young people into politics. We can always criticise ourselves and others and our governments have ignored some pretty big issues because of this. The broadband network would bring our rural population properly into the mix and so it needs to be done soon and well but the rural people just think they will be left out again. Not good enough. So we may have a hung parliament but the people of Australia do not feel as though they have been left hanging. They feel this is the perfect moment to bring in some good changes for us and to keep the discussions going. Clearly we want to participate and clearly we have good problem solving skills when we work together.

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