Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Safe Public Transport

There is a report today about a young girl being assaulted on the Outer Harbour train recently. It is unusual but there are times ehn our trains have become unsafe and we worry about it. I was listening to a report about the public transport system in paris and thae fact they were workign on three things to help keep peole on public transport:

1. Safety
2. Cleanliness and maintenance
3. Frequency

Paris has a massive population and then millions of tourists so they do have to work hard on keeping their public transport in good shape. They cannot afford to swamp their city with cars.They like to encourage people to leave their cars at home, though. Something we should do. We need frequent public transport, we need it to be clean and maintained (the improvements have been noted and appreciated) and we need it to be safe. It is not just an Adelaide problem but it can be a problem in Adelaide because some trains and buses are just not full enough. It makes people vulnerable. Given we have increased the amount of cars on the road and the roads are getting congested because of that and the road works which we need, then I think we need to look at getting people on our public transport!

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