Friday, July 23, 2010

Masterchef Finalists

The week has flown but tonight's episode of Masterchef had us absolutely laughing out loud. George and Gary are brilliantly funny together, but when Callum and Adam did a very clever role reversal it was hilarious, but a good lesson for everyone. George and Gary could appreciate and understand exactly the difficulty these contestants have been asked to work under. Not completely, because the contestants are new to this. They have gone up against top chefs, short time frames and top dishes. It was clear that even some pressure can have your heart racing and get you to burn food, even if you are extremely accomplished. Conditions.Create the conditions and you can crack and break anyone. I have been appreciative the show was giving thinking time and a bit more support in the last few weeks to create a bit of a humane buffer zone for the contestants and tonight, it was clear just how well they have learned and just how much they have taken in. No ill will but a lesson to us all to be less harsh when we judge them and to realise these contestants have done really, really well and that Gary and George had the sense to mirror contest body language to show them how they looked too. It was great and the drunken chicken and chocolate tart are bound to be successful home recipes from here on in. Last night it was sad to see Claire not quite make it. She had a mountain of lamb! Lamb and lamb and lamb and that chore side of the dish bogged her down and she managed but not quite well enough. Claire needs time to create with care but she has the skill of leading a good team and she has shown that more than once. In time she'll grow into her dream. Adam and Callum are great finalists. They are actually well matched so it will make a really good contest. They are both worthy, they have both brought us a lot. Callum has impressed so many well known chefs and Adam always comes up with something special from some exotic corner of his imagination, but it's always something with high appeal. So Sunday is going to be a real treat and the other contestants need to be proud of the fact they are tough enough to survive that lot!

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