Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hindmarsh Stadium bans vuvuzelas

Perth Glory's nib Stadium, Central Coast Mariners BlueTongue Stadium and Newcastle Jets' EnergyAustralia Stadium have also refused the vuvuzela into their matches.

The article says Hindmarsh Stadium is concerned about the welfare and safety of its patrons because the vuvuzela can reach 120 decibels and so if there are a lot of them in one place , it could lead to hearing problems. In a litigation prone world then it's probably a good decision. In a fun world, the kiddies will be sad. Kids love them. They just like the racket and noise and that it's something big and colourful. For die hard football fans it saves their voices and they can just blow their vuvuzela to their heart's content. They were at the Fifa Fanfest in Darling Harbour when I was there and they were never a problem when a match was on. A crowd of enthusiastic football fans could  easily make much more noise and so the only time you really heard them was after the match when the fans were on the way home. That was annoying because it would be the early hours but even then, it wasn't awful. Better than destructive noise. The vuvuzela does focus the enthusiasm somewhat. They seem to be banned in most of Australia at the stadiums...hope the kids still get to blow them outside!

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