Monday, May 31, 2010

Waste Disposal

"To go to a landfill, a trailer load costs $40, $50 or $60 so if they can spend $5 worth of petrol and just go down a dirt road and dump it, they will."

The article is about the hidden cameras being placed around to catch people who thoughtlessly just dump their rubbish anywhere. I  have been thinking about this whole matter of waste for a long time and I do blog about it from time to time. We have had one e-waste collection locally and that helped. We need more and we need a permanaent place to take e-waste, not an occasional e-waste collection. Our councils have also been very clear as to what we can put in our bins so it leaves us with a whole heap of things we can no longer put in the rubbish. We live in homes. We build, refurbish and repair. There is nowhere to put the waste. According to the article:

"He said the most commonly dumped items were broken household goods , building materials, tyres, vehicles and plant waste."

That's the thing. Some people do not have the money to go to a rubbish dump. The fees have become very high. Most houses do not have trailers. Then there is the problem that some, and I would imagine it is quite a few, just cannot lift the stuff. So the roadside collections we used to have would be good. A way of people managing the waste would be good. Looking at the whole picture and getting some input would probably save a lot of pollution and irresponsible dumping. If nothing else there could be some good businesses made from organising our waste and dumping. We need a far more practical approach  here.

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