Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Browsers are driving me crazy at the moment. I normally use Firefox but used Chrome for a while because it is by far the best at managing flash programmes. Chrome started to play up so I just played on Firefox but with some things you have to use IE. Microsoft has become better at understanding that people use the browser they want for particular reasons but there are times when it still insists upon IE.. If you really want to have an adventure and know we are blessed, download Lynx and work on a totally text based interface. I did it to check my blogs for optimisation. I got as far as one, was intriguing and decided I need to leave it until I sit and master it properly. I can manage a lot of things but when you go totally into text browsing well, it's an adventure and you come out totally grateful for the graphic user interfaces we have with lovely pictures and total clickability! I have little to complain about. So what is it with me and IE8? I cannot get the hang of it at all. It sent my harddrive into overdrive on Farm Town and made my computer hang. I have a new computer. It just couldn't cope.I tried again. Same thing. So I have gone back to farming in Firefox. Not a problem. IE then wanted to install the URLs of my tabs. Why? I just want the sites to open in tabs. It has a pretty useful desk space button so you can cruise between sites very easily but it is on the left. It would be easier on the right I should have thought. Then when my computer goes to sleep when I am not using it IE assumes I am offline and I go back on the computer and IE doesn't want to play. I figure if I keep using it it will get better. Software is often like that. Very flouncy to start with and then you tame it. Lastly, since we are all into energy saving, I'd like Blackle or Bellzar as a seach option instead of just Google. That would show some real commitment to the planet. Apart from that, I am happy and Lynx has kept it all in perspective for me!

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