Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Web 2.0

Are you sick of hearing the world is changing? We know! No matter. People repeat things to themselves to get it into their heads, I suppose. Web 2.0 is biting and changing and making change possible. We have always had our friends, our families, our work mates, our neighbours. We spend a lot of time at work so our neighbours are people we know less and less. Considering they live next door or in the same street that is odd. Around here, though, it is starting to change. People are starting to be out the front and  socialise at the front of their homes.It is making the area safer and more lived in. More people are walking or strolling along the street. That is good. Our real world is improving. But there is the real world and the online world. Online you can create some real pulling power. You can be an individual.. You are not just a family member or a worker who has to do what the boss says or the company requires. Online you can be an individual and you can be with like minded individuals. You can participate in creative, supportive, encouraging and dynamic communities. You can develop your skills, your dreams, your knowledge base. You run the show. You are in charge. You can work hard for yourself, your ideas, your causes...anything you want... and you can make your own success.Even companies are starting to realise it is better to contact us in a real way with real people online instead of daft adverts which blare through the sound system and REALLY annoy you or splatter themselves across the page you were going to read. How rude! I can control that though and those changes and make changes of my own. That's fair!

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