Saturday, April 10, 2010

P plater out of control

TYRE marks on his tiny head were an extraordinary symbol of his miraculous escape yesterday, when he and three young girls survived the impact an out-of-control car that crashed into a family day-care home.

This has only just happened to my friends in another suburb about 3 weeks ago. It happened next door again over Christmas and it has happened to me twice. P Platers wreaking havoc and causing damage, trauma and lifelong  impact on anyone who has a car run into their garden or house. It is terrifying and it shocks. In this case the car ran over the top of a 1 year old and there were 3 other children in the room. When it happened to my friend she and her husband had the same reaction as we did. They felt violated. You feel unsafe and you feel sick. So sick. Then you do not want anything to do with the driver at all. One dad brought his boy back to my home the next day to offer his help to repair the damage. I valued the goodness of the father in trying to teach his son a lesson but I just couldn't take it other than to say thank you but no thank you. It was awful. These children will be traumatised for a long time. So what do you do with someone like that who has had his licence for a month? If you refuse do give him a licence will he drive without one? I do not think he should be allowed to drive for at least 10 years. I think he should be taking driving rehabilitation lessons forever and I think he should be seen for who he is...someone who attempted to kill others .  He should be paying for the damage he has caused. Those who drive into gardens and houses have a good chance of killing someone. In addition to that they cause a lot of damage to property and hard work. If they took to your house with a hammer and pick axe, how would they be treated then? If they attempted to shoot your children, what would we do? These are people who use cars as lethal , destructive weapons and we have to stop it. It is happening too often.

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