Sunday, January 17, 2010

Speed Kills

"There are six young people on board, five of them have died instantly. How many times do we have to say to people `speed kills'?

"This isn't speed, this is just lunacy."

5 young men were killed in this accident north of Melbourne. Five families traumatised. Five lots of friends in shock. 5 sets of parents wondering why and how and what they had done wrong. A 15 year old girl who was seatbelted in the back of the car has survived but she has lost her brother and will live with parents and perhaps other siblings who will be shattered.  The police and ambulance personnel must find this heart rending. They are at the scene, they have to notify families. It's a tough, tough job. There seems to be a need for speed but when will they join the dots and know that it is lethal? I feel so very sorry.

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