Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Customers behaving badly

Melodi Dushane, 24, punched out the window of the Toledo restaurant's drive-thru and had to be treated for injuries before she was booked into the Lucas County jail, according to police.

She is banned from that particular MacDonalds and there is a court hearing later this month. This one is in Ohio but over our festive season I heard a tale of someone going off like a rocket and throwing pita bread at the sales person at a supermarket. I don't care what their problems are...customers can't throw stuff at sales assistants, they cannot abuse them and they cannot break things.They need to understand they need professional help if they are so angry and beside themselvesl. It is very traumatic dealing with angry people in the work place because of the pleasant and polite at all times policy. I get vile phone calls from people sometimes or people just walk in and go off like rockets. It is rude. it is uncalled for and when people are so angry, as one lady was at the service station at 7am. It makes is horrible for everyone. Their venom spreads. It then impacted big time into the life and psyche of the recipient because they just have to take it. They are trapped in their politesse and coping skills when a good dose of the Billy Connolly f off needs to be practised. It's intolerable and all work places need to get hot on their staff having to deal with people bevaing badly. Someone told me Adelaide metro says on its phone service they have the right to dicontinue the call if the caller is abusive. That makes sense. It ought to be mandatory. A few manners need to be observed and we need to take wholesale action against abusive callers and customers. Occ Health and Safety and plain good sense. Excessive anger can be a form
 of depression so these people need help, but randoms shouldn't have to take the brunt of their fury.

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