Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drink Driving

A LEARNER driver with a blood-alcohol level four times the limit was among more than 100 people banned from driving in the first two nights of Operation Safe Holidays.

A learner with little or no regard for safe driving ought never to be able to drive. Harsh? Maybe...but so are the consequences for the driver and others when they drink and drive. A learner with no regard for themself or others needs a LOT of help because they are not understanding the most obvious thing about Obviously they have a lot to learn and it may take quite some time to get through to them if they are so prepared to drink that much and drive and think the law does not apply to them. The law ought not be the deterrant...the massive injuries , grief and loss of life is known to all of us and we should be ever mindful of it. Mybe the costs to people and families needs to be made public . The untold cost is the personal one but here is a substantial financial cost when someone injures another or kills someone. Maybe those sorts of cases need to be made public without making them personal. The police must be baffled by how so many people just do not care. We need to lift our game and get the message through because no one likes what inevitably happens if they don't play the designated driver card.

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