Thursday, February 12, 2009

River Torrens has run away

Adelaide is embarrassed again...well, not really, not in the scheme of things. We have been  chortling. Compared with what they are facing and  are up against in Victoria , it's nothing and we are full of mirth and disbelief. Lots of jokes about mud wrestling and mud pies have abounded. Typical Adelaide way of coping with our icon River draining over night because of an electrical fault in the weir. Now? Over night? All of a sudden? Then they are supposed to have shut the weir manually...which would have taken how long? There is no other water flow to help us. We have to wait for rain? Rain???!!! What a joke. We thought about trucking the water down from Queensland to help solve their problem. There are health concerns about it leaking flowing into the St Vincent Gulf and affecting our beaches and sea grass. Health issues from the water? Is this the same water that was in the Torrens? Isn't it a health issue there? They are talking bacteria and viruses...and this is the River we have had running through town? It has gone down 2 metres and so we have lots of mud. It is one of our prime attractions. So it's been okay to keep all this dirty water in our lake? Lovely. It has uncovered just how much we pollute the river and dump stuff in it. Most people sweep things under the carpet. We shove things in the river. It is now the creek it once was. Embarrassing, though, because we have the V8 races coming and next month is festival month. The river is always an attraction and highlight and one of the really nice places to be in Adelaide. So here we are with crispy dry gardens because we are on water restrictions with a river which ran away because of an electrical fault in the weir and we have no way of filling it. There's mud in your eye...oh yes, the jokes keep coming. Our thoughts are firmly on Victoria.

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