Sunday, February 08, 2009


Adelaide is rejoicing! Mid twenties heaven. Normally after a long spell of heat we have it broken by a huge downpour of rain and the relief of seeing all that water and smelling the earth again is just pure bliss. We had a paltry effort at rain over night. The tragedy is going out and seeing everything burnt and singed like never before. We have all been through heat in summer. My plants have never been sunburnt and browned like that before. I have spent much of today getting dead stuff gone because it is so depressing to look at . The dryness is sad because we have always managed summer and the bush fires raging north of our city and then through Victoria were going to happen. No watering means we now live in dangerous circumstances and the restrictions mean we cannot make our houses and gardens a bit safe from fire. Last year people just threw a match on my neighbour's garden and it went up. It was lucky they were home and saw it. I do not see how this lack of water is good. We shall end up in a desert. A more serious look at providing us with water is essential so we can help plants and trees to stay relatively healthy. Bush fires are awful, just awful ,and I am thinking of those who have been through searing heat who are now in dangerous ,life threatening,even more searing heat. I am thinking of our fantastic fire fighters who really sounded good on the French news the other night. Oh yes...our heat is world news. La canicule du siècle.These weather extremes have to stop and we need to be given the means to stop them. The more trees and plants we lose the worse it will become. We need plants and trees for protection and respiration and to hold the ,yes, give us water. Maybe they should pipe it down from Queensland and maybe they just need to fill those lakes at Goolwa which were maritime lakes before we got here. This is critical but I haven't noticed anyone important actually doing anything. Governments stand by and bleat global warming and their words are just rattling in the dry,  parched land as they continue to do NOTHING , absolutely NOTHING about our weather extremes and managing no, we don't believe in global warming. It shouldn't have surprised the radio station which did the survey that we don't believe in it. There is nowhere with normal weather and normal weather patterns are gone. It's a global warning.

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