Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Virtual Legal Swamp

"This is because the only way to be a thief in a virtual world is to get people's names and passwords and log in as them and take their stuff."
Internationally there is a lot going on legally with regard to virtual worlds. It is going to be a gigantically big messy bog and will test our capacity to think clearly to its limit. Most of the cases are not as complicated as they seem because they actually involve real life crime...like stealing passwords and hacking into computers. A real person committing a real crime. It because confusing though as with the cases cited form German experience. That really does make you think. So we are going to have to put our international  thinking caps on and work it out because a lot of these online games are played internationally. The legal profession are going to have fun and game players are going to have to be careful. I guess we need some psychologists on the job too because some weird thought department ideas played out virtually might actually banish them from becoming real life actions. Role playing might actually put the crooked thoughts to rest. We all need to confront this because virtual communities and games are becoming more and more popular and may well be how most people use a lot of their waking time in the not too distant future.

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