Monday, October 27, 2008

Youths kill researcher to get to Adelaide

Location of the City of Footscray within w:Mel...Image via Wikipedia"(I) saw (one of the youths) pick the guy up from the ground and turn him upside down and drop him onto the footpath," the youth said in a witness statement.

The world has lost a talented researcher and children have lost a father. Presumably there is a mother there somewhere. The family must be heart broken at such an extreme , violent crime just to get the man's wallet and mobile for a trip to Adelaide for someone's birthday. Four of the youths have had a pre trial committal hearing.It appears to be callous. Mindless. Completely over the top and now this family has to deal with the fallout. It would have been easier for the youths to borrow the money or even get some short duration part time work. It is very , very difficult to rationalise this because the behaviour is seemingly totally irrational. I am deeply sorry for the family but I also fear for us all as we just go about our daily business. I congratulate the journalist for keeping this so factual and clear.
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