Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sister murders sister

I feel so sorry for these parents. Their eldest 20 year old daughter has killed their 18 year old daughter on Friday and why is very unclear. The elder sister is not allowed out on bail and the parents are obviously struggling with this but are supporting their elder daughter. That is pretty remarkable stuff. We seem to have some horrible things going wrong with young people in Australia and the crimes are odd to say the least. I feel so sorry for the parents. They are holding their heads down and that is not right. They haven't done anything. They now have a life which is painfully and tragically in disarray. I should hope we have people in there helping them work through this so that they can hold their heads up. The burden they carry must be overwhelming. I hope this proceeds very slowly so they can manage whatever it is they will have to manage. The younger daughter appears to have been a happy, optimistic , positive girl. That will make it so much harder to bear.I do not know how you deal with things like this, other than that we all rally and give them some quiet warmth.

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