Thursday, October 09, 2008

SA Great

After yesterday's disappointing attitude from the Crows, it was lovely to see this morning that our Redbacks cricket team is going to promote the SA Great feeling. It is important we get back to that feeling that less is more. We have always contributed well to Australia even though we are a small state. Small in numbers but not in stature and the SA Great branding and campaign we used to have was full of great ideas and initiatives. The wonderful  glass pears which were made by our very own Jam Factory to give as business awards was a classic example of how we promoted , rewarded and believed in ourselves, then our award plaques for great places like the Whaler's Station and then the glam night of the SA Great Awards. We used to invent and create our own style and panache. Now we have permitted ourselves to be highjacked and we have forgotten the wealth of ideas, the richness of creativity and the the vibrancy of living in an unhampered state. I am so pleased our Redbacks have got it right and are showing us the way! Move it or lose it!

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