Thursday, October 09, 2008

Naked Blogging

Well, I figure if you can have naked DSL, which works pretty well if my sister's place is anything to go by, then I think you can have naked blogging. Blogging unplugged. I am currently running no plug ins as I continue to gather data about my blog since I lost the Blog It application when Firefox updated. Yes, I am going to go on about it. It was good with Blog It. I have given Scribe Fire a whirl and that's like blogging in a tuxedo with a butler to boot. Pretty up there. Then I have tried Zemanta which is layer upon layer upon layer...the layered look of the catwalk. So now I have unplugged everything and can no longer see a button to upload my own there used to be. So now what? Image free zone as well? That'll be a trifle dull. So off I go continuing with my experiment and in search of picture uploading buttons. Maybe I have to take Zemanta off my system to get the picture button back. Who knows. I'll find out. This blog has always been about discovery learning. Keeps the blogging cogs going.

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