Friday, October 10, 2008

Naked Blogging Part 2

Well, this has been quite the little adventure and it's why I love blogging. It forces me to change, it forces me to think and it forces me to learn. It is also so reassuring to know there is a supportive network around which doesn't do the work for you, but they provide a lot of tips, hints and clues. I am not clueless, I can work things out for myself and I hate being the dicovery learning with a little help from the blogosphere works well for me. The naked blogging (as per naked DSL - blogging unplugged) is going pretty well. It has given me a chance to discover the delights of the draft Blogger dashboard and now I know to push the compose button, everything I need is there and more! It was a sheer delight to find there is a justify button which actually works. There was one on ScribeFire which worked within the programme but not when the text was posted. I just love justification. Thanks to StatCounter which is just one of those really helpful sites, I have worked out I can put HTML and Java Script into a gadget box. I think I need to take the labels off, but I'll play with that later. This is a fantastic discovery because it means my blog is now completely portable to a new layout if I want one . I shan't have to fiddle with code. I am no tech head but the odd bit of code fiddling amuses me no end and I feel quite proud of myself when I have sorted it out. Blogger is really helpful with the hints so I have learned quite a bit....and I can post my pictures again! What a relief. I can say that naked blogging has brought back my variety and number of visitors. My top 5 countries are now Australia US,Malaysia and  Hong Kong . France normally features pretty well but that has dropped off again but I have picked up a lot more hits form Slovenia.This is what makes blogging so interesting. So I am off on today's adventures and expect to learn more. I have kept Zemanta on another blog I have and it is working well on that blog. The best thing is the refurbishment into the new blog layout has really freshened things up and brought different people onto my site. It has all been worth it.

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