Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eat kangaroos to help global warming

The sad fact is that many of our Australian species are under threat because of global warming and national apathy. We'd rather build and clear land than care about our animals because you don't make money looking at plants and animals. The antilopine wallaroo is the kangaroo most under threat , so it would be nice if we could actually adopt a practical approach to all of this. Kangaroo meat is very good for you and a healthy alternative to red meat. It does save carbon and there are times when we have too many kangaroos in once place. Our answer is to kill them because they are in the way. We forget we build on their land, we take away their food and we don't consider them at all. We probably would pay more attention if we ate the ones which are surviving . We'd look after them and we'd give them proper places to live.We are not a nation which tolerates fat because we are a hot climate and kangaroo meat is low in fat. I think we need to look at the positives and work with those and avoid our lackadaisical approach which is allowing our native species to dwindle alarmingly.

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