Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Adelaide not good enough

Satellite image of eastern South Australia.Image via WikipediaI have to do this for my brother in law who died just before Christmas last year. He would never forgive me if I didn't and you will have to bear with the vagueness and fill in the gaps for me because, were he here, he'd be able to rattle off names and statistics for me so that I would sound far more credible. For the Crows to be subscribing to the bunk that Adelaide is not good enough for their players and it's not easy for them to recruit players because it is Adelaide is exactly what I said...bunk. I know the recruiting manager has also supposed to have said players love it when they get here...but then he goes on to say, according to this article, that we cannot get South Australians out of Victoria once they are there. The eastern states spend a lot of time making fun of us and putting us down. We are now starting to believe it and it is nonsense. We are not a big city and we have never wanted to be. Adelaide provides everything you need and want and you can set your life up here brilliantly. Maybe the young players do want the bright lights and the big city...but the other capital cities are within easy flying distance. You only have to look at the names we have produced over the years that other interstate teams have recruited to know we produce top quality footballers here who have contributed significantly to the game. My brother in law was Norwood through and through but supported the Crows when they went into the AFL. He always said though that Victoria in particular would not tolerate SA teams in the AFL and would work on changing that. I think we need to get this into perspective. I think we need to get a very clear idea of what SA has done for football. If then the picture looks bad...then by all means bad mouth us.

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