Sunday, July 01, 2007

Help, not jail, credited for drug victories

Help, not jail, credited for drug victories : "'Tackling major traffickers has dried up street supplies of drugs, at the same time as a substantial increasing in treatment availability has led to many people seeking help and returning to productive lives.''"

Too many young ones driving into trees has probably helped too. We've paid a very high personal price as friends and families and what that has done is create a core of dedicated , normal people who can get through a convincing message...because they had a child like yours. They were parents like you. I don't think we have used that enough, but when we have, it hasn't missed its mark. That's the trick, I get rid of the sources of addiction. We did have a drug free country once. Instead of being able to boast a drop in addiction, we could say we had brought up children who weren't particularly interested and who had plenty of other things to do. Then in the 90s it all changed. The drug marketing and management changed and our kids fell victim to the hard , seductive sell and the tell the adults to get stuffed mentality. They thought they were clever. Their deaths mounted and their parents talked to other parents and in magazines and on radio. Then came all the rave and dance drugs. Another seductive onslaught of so called "coolness" and what would they know, they're old...but that quickly changed to coke and amphetamines , fast cars, speeding, violence, mischief and mayhem. Fear. We became afraid, so a lot more kids died and are still dying because we have been too frightened to tackle the source. Well, we have had enough. We have seen enough kids die. We don't want anymore violence and rage. So we have done what we have always done...we are trying to shut it down but we are also trying to give people a chance to claim their lives back. It is not easy because we still have people driven by drugs and the drugs do a helluva lot of talking and bullying.

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