Friday, June 29, 2007

SA worst for catching burglars

AdelaideNow... SA worst for catching burglars: "'The community has a perception that the police don't take these types of crimes as seriously and this needs to be addressed.'"

The police do take it very seriously and they are really fantastic. My home was broken into and my sister's. In the end my sister's home break in was solved because the little kids came back and my brother in law caught them and reported that to the police. Two little kids. They had completely trashed the house. My own break in was a trashing too and everything had been gone through. People are looking for cash. We use credit cards these days! So my window was broken and I still think I must have come home while they were there and they slipped out the way they came. It is traumatic. It makes you feel guilty! It makes you, the invaded person feel stupid and guilty. Even though we had nothing stolen we reported it and the police came around. My sister's was when we had gone out for my Mum's 70th birthday and the cake we had waiting was trashed and ruined. For me it was 2 daughters looking at all their things being thrown around and everything treated with such disrespect and then all the glass. So much glass. The police had some good finger prints and my glass is very unusual..but they didn't find anyone. The police made it easier to deal with and they helped to get it in perspective. The way they handled both situations was confidence inspiring and their whole manner and comportment made it easier to bear and manage. They have a real professional pride in the job they do, but I was impressed with their efficient, easy, friendly manner, because , to be honest, I was expecting that what happened was nothing in the scheme of things and it would be treated as such. Not so. We were respected.

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