Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oaklands Crossing

There not only has been increasingly hideous congestion at the Oaklands Crossing , there have been attacks and deaths. It is just an awful place to be when the boom gates go down. Marion Shopping Centre and increasing housing development and now the beautiful, new swimming centre have put the crossing on overload. I have used the crossing forever in my north south commutes or , now , my south north ones. My daughter and her husband live near the crossing. Sometimes it would be quicker to get out of the car and walk to her place than to sit there on Morphett Road waiting to turn left. Coming out of Murray Terrace relies mostly on the goodwill of the drivers letting you in so you can get into the right lane and I need to be in the outside lane. If I don't get into that then I am driving around Marion Shopping Centre to get myself back on the right track.I just do it. It makes people very annoyed but I don't see that as helpful so I keep listening to my music and podcasts and hope it will all pass quickly. Living in the area would be worse. I have to do it about once or twice a week, maybe. If you have someone sick it really puts the pressure on. I have to say that Adelaide drivers have mostly shown patience. tolerance and common sense with this crossing. It really does need to be changed right now. It blocks a free flow of traffic and that is never good. Adelaide always had traffic which flowed smoothly and it is something we should aim for in our relaxed city. 

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