Monday, March 14, 2016

What do you do in Adelaide?

National Geographic has created a 2 minute video about South Australia. I sometimes see koalas and kangaroos and I live in the outer suburbs. I see the hills on one side and the ocean on the other no matter where I drive around here. The views are spectacular. We do what we want but we have a chance to enjoy nature and so lots of South Australians bush walk, bike ride, surf, snorkel , skateboard, sail, fish. We can be pretty active. We like walking our dogs, going to the coffee shop, shopping. We like helping others so we volunteer when we are called or we just volunteer anyway. We like road tripping down the coast or around the wine regions. We like camping, family nights, fun nights, reading. We are big readers. We love music and art. We love gaming. The South Australia Facebook page gives you a really good overview of what it is like here. We have the time and space to do what we want and be what we want and pursue our passions and interests. On the other hand , we might just veg out in front of the TV or out the back. 

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