Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Magic Object

 Today I went to the Magic Object exhibition at the SA Art Gallery on North Terrace. It really was magical and a fabulous use of space. There were installations, images, ceramics, textile art and paintings by Australian artists all of whom really understood Wunderkammer and who also had a wonderful appreciation of illusion and inspiration. The curator of the exhibition had done a great job of placing the art works ,selecting the artists and annotating the exhibition. It is one of the best exhibitions I have seen at the gallery - at any gallery for that matter - and it was free. I am particularly fond of textile art and so the textile installations were just wondrous to me. The detail, the colour, the shapes and forms all created something mythical and magical. It really is worth seeing and it has a good impact. What was interesting was that everyone was as compelled as I was to go up really closely to the pieces to examine them and see how they were made. It had that close up and personal feeling about it. That is unusual. People often keep a respectable distance from art pieces. This time it was a respectful closeness which brought about wonder and admiration. So glad I went. 

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