Monday, March 14, 2016

Lost and Found in India

Braja Sorensen was born on Bombay Street near the Warradale Army Barracks and  she now lives in West Bengal. She is a well respected author , poet, editor and then there are all the other things Braja Sorensen is. A woman of talent and creativity who loves India because it has brought out all the aspects of her personality, character and creativity. Lost and Found in India is from her blog and so there is a certain stream of consciousness about it which I really like. It is fresh, well written, makes interesting observations and then allows you , as someone who does not really understand the culture, some real understanding as to how India puts together its vast culture wealth on a daily basis. Her writing style is animated and well thought out. She draws you in because the tone is conversational but as she reflects on different aspects of our culture and the Indian way of life then you feel like you belong in that conversation with her. It contextualises her in that culture and looks at how the Indian culture has impacted on her and she on it. It's a book which does a lot for intercultural understanding but also a book which is just a very good read.

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