Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Popeye Cruise

I have finally got my act together and edited the video I took of the Popeye cruise. I blogged about it before in the Adelaide is beautiful  post.  Adelaide is beautiful. The cruise takes 40 minutes and it is a very relaxing , interesting trip along the river. This was taken in the middle of February in our summer. It really puts paid to the notion that Adelaide is hot and dry in the summer. The people who care for our city centre have done a great job of keeping everything green and neat. You can see Adelaide is a green city and that we have some lush vegetation. It is what makes Adelaide Adelaide. We have 3 Popeye cruise boats and towards the end of the video you can see one of them moored waiting for its turn to go out. I'd love to see more people going on the Popeye because it is such a good way to see our city but even if you live here, as I do, it is the best way to get away from it all and just watch all this watery world go by. 

Magic Object

 Today I went to the Magic Object exhibition at the SA Art Gallery on North Terrace. It really was magical and a fabulous use of space. There were installations, images, ceramics, textile art and paintings by Australian artists all of whom really understood Wunderkammer and who also had a wonderful appreciation of illusion and inspiration. The curator of the exhibition had done a great job of placing the art works ,selecting the artists and annotating the exhibition. It is one of the best exhibitions I have seen at the gallery - at any gallery for that matter - and it was free. I am particularly fond of textile art and so the textile installations were just wondrous to me. The detail, the colour, the shapes and forms all created something mythical and magical. It really is worth seeing and it has a good impact. What was interesting was that everyone was as compelled as I was to go up really closely to the pieces to examine them and see how they were made. It had that close up and personal feeling about it. That is unusual. People often keep a respectable distance from art pieces. This time it was a respectful closeness which brought about wonder and admiration. So glad I went. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Adelaide Markets

I take the train to town to go to the markets. It is ocean views there and ocean views back. Such a lovely trip. I then do the 15 minute walk up to the markets. Keeps me fit. I have a big breakfast and a mug of coffee at the Big Bean and then I am set to look and wander. It is always so nice and there is always something new to see and try. I love the French cheeses and the magnificent array of fruit and vegetables. I love the coffee beans and the cold meats. There are so many good quality things to choose from. I always stop at the Honey Shoppe. They sell honey, obviously, but also good quality soaps and lotions and potions. There is always something in there I want to try .The products make great gifts. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

What do you do in Adelaide?

National Geographic has created a 2 minute video about South Australia. I sometimes see koalas and kangaroos and I live in the outer suburbs. I see the hills on one side and the ocean on the other no matter where I drive around here. The views are spectacular. We do what we want but we have a chance to enjoy nature and so lots of South Australians bush walk, bike ride, surf, snorkel , skateboard, sail, fish. We can be pretty active. We like walking our dogs, going to the coffee shop, shopping. We like helping others so we volunteer when we are called or we just volunteer anyway. We like road tripping down the coast or around the wine regions. We like camping, family nights, fun nights, reading. We are big readers. We love music and art. We love gaming. The South Australia Facebook page gives you a really good overview of what it is like here. We have the time and space to do what we want and be what we want and pursue our passions and interests. On the other hand , we might just veg out in front of the TV or out the back. 

Lost and Found in India

Braja Sorensen was born on Bombay Street near the Warradale Army Barracks and  she now lives in West Bengal. She is a well respected author , poet, editor and then there are all the other things Braja Sorensen is. A woman of talent and creativity who loves India because it has brought out all the aspects of her personality, character and creativity. Lost and Found in India is from her blog and so there is a certain stream of consciousness about it which I really like. It is fresh, well written, makes interesting observations and then allows you , as someone who does not really understand the culture, some real understanding as to how India puts together its vast culture wealth on a daily basis. Her writing style is animated and well thought out. She draws you in because the tone is conversational but as she reflects on different aspects of our culture and the Indian way of life then you feel like you belong in that conversation with her. It contextualises her in that culture and looks at how the Indian culture has impacted on her and she on it. It's a book which does a lot for intercultural understanding but also a book which is just a very good read.

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Adelaide Art Gallery

The Adelaide Art Gallery is really blossoming! Its entranceway was colourful and inviting. I did not get there until I had had breakfast at the gallery coffee shop. It was well patronised and my mini buttie and long black were such a civilised start to my jaunt around the gallery. Everyone who worked there was confident, competent and friendly. Everyone who was visiting to view the works was absorbed and involved. Even if you do not see the current exhibition it is well worth a visit because it is just a friendly, inspiring place to be. I really enjoyed my visit today and will go back to see the special exhibition they have on currently.