Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Adelaide is beautiful

Today was a picture perfect cruise on the Popeye. There was a lady visiting from Canberra who had never seen Adelaide before and she thought it was a beautiful city. It is. Full credit has to be given to those who are envisioning our redevelopment. The talk of the town on the train was still the new, amazing, exceedingly impressive RAH building next to the station. The lady form Canberra said, as she flew over, the honeycomb building looked like an eye as she looked down. Who is having these brilliant ideas? We are all loving it. Down by the Torrens it has a wide open feel of water and greenness. Even the Versailles - like fountain by the steps and the landscaping are inspired. We took the 40 minute cruise and anyone who thought Adelaide was bone dry and crispy in the summer would have had that thought demolished. It was verdant. All along the river was green and lush. It would have been lovely to continue on down the river but maybe that isn't safe or cannot be navigated safely. The 15 dollars spent on the cruise was a lot cheaper than therapy. It was calming, delightful and everyone was happy. The Popeye driver had a good way with the little children and was a fount of information. The trip is charming and gives you a whole new look at Adelaide. Made me love this city even more. I look forward to the day when all the Popeyes are out on the water because we all want to be mucking about on the river. 

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