Saturday, August 08, 2015

Upgrading Adelaide

Upgrading Adelaide is well underway and it's looking good! We have the bridge across the Torrens and everyone loves it. The markets are taking shape and are such an interesting place to be in Adelaide with all their sights, sounds and great food. Not just food, though. There are other shops and stalls and it is looking brighter , lighter and cleaner. Not that the markets were dirty. They were old looking. Not now. Frome Road is getting an artsy feel with Eckersley's, The Urban Cow and a matching artsy cafe. I can see that getting better. The bottom end of Grenfell Street has a more sedate feel and being able to get authentic crepes there only adds to it. Carpe Diem is popular for a good reason and adds to the feel of that end of Grenfell Street. The Mall is looking light, bright and active with all the big glass shop windows and, thankfully, they have kept some of the Mall coffee shops and have started to develop the streets and lanes off Rundle Mall. We have come a long way. Whoever has oversight of the planning has had some good vision. So why are we now faint hearted about developing Victoria Square to the model which has been advertised , shared, approved and appreciated? It would look so fantastic and provide a civilised place for people to be at that end of town where the markets and law precinct are. It needs something with panache and the plans put forward looked appropriate. Funding, you say? We are not doing  this because of funding? This is 2015. Crowdsourcing funding is becoming the norm for projects and start ups. Adelaide has never been faint hearted about embracing the future, the unusal and the innovative. Maybe we need to look at the crowdfunding of projects in other cities and move ourselves forward in our customary can-do Adelaide way, no matter what the barriers. It would be a great way to bring us together. Why shouldn't we unite to fund and develop our future

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