Monday, July 06, 2015

Adelaide is great

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If the Adelaide Football Club motto is : Born to great things (Natus ad magna geranda) then it has been rising above the horribly complex and definitive loss of Phil Walsh and is taking our state and the AFL with it. Scott Camporeale has been trending for a couple of hours on Twitter because he is the new interim coach for the club and he is going to honour Phil Walsh's vision  and try to move through the emotion of the  situation that way. This follows on from what was, to all accounts - all accounts - a very moving and meaningful gesture yesterday from the March of Silence to the ceremony at the Adelaide Oval. Those who were there were deeply moved by it. The family has expressed thanks for such an obvious and huge support for their situation and everyone and anyone to do with football in this country has been picking up the lead of this club and uniting themselves for the family, for the game and for everything Phil Walsh represented. Football. He loved it. He gave his life to it. It meant everything to him that he could share his passion and enthusiam for the game. You do not have to know Phil Walsh or like football to know that Phil Walsh was an inspiration as a coach because he lived for the game and the good it could bring. His club has come together to support Meredith and Quinn Walsh so that they can see their awful situation is not beyond hope or care. The leadership displayed in how this is now unfolding is worth noting. It is a solid uniting of football fans and players which then has reached out to the rest of the community and allowed us to blur the pain a bit. We know it's a horrendous situation. We know it must be unbearable. We know that Meredith and Quinn Walsh must be feeling so black and numb. We cannot even guess really how they might be feeling. The Adelaide Football Club is living up to its motto because this is a gargantuan challenge to keep the spirit of someone like Phil Walsh burning strongly and brightly. This is not canonising him or making him more than a man. It's redressing the imbalance of fate and providing an undeniable blanket of solidarity around Meredith and Quinn who have some tough times to work through. 

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