Wednesday, January 07, 2015


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The fires are still raging. The commitment from Jay Weatherill, our Premier, SAPOL, CFS and countless others has been extraordinary. Normal protocol would dictate that the federal government would acknowledge and support us during these demanding , traumatic times. Mainstream media was slow to acknowledge us and the Prime Minister is in Iraq. A number of federal politicians are from SA. The silence and  lack of presence has been deafening and so the priorities of the government are clear. This bushfire is serious and it is big.12, 500 hectares. That we have lost no lives is a tribute the the excellent information and organisation from those who are managing this destructive event. ShoeBoxes of Love has mobilised itself on Facebook, countless people have offered time , paddocks and horse floats to get as many horses to safety as possible and they were onto it straight away . Down south and over the city we have been breathing in smoke and  those in the immediate area will be dealing with even more smoke along with the damage. South Australians have kept themselves rallied and in good spirits. They have shown some inspiration and ingenuity when it comes to helping each other. We have our donation areas and organisations up and running. 38 houses have been lost, a  significant number of outhouses and sheds and so many trees which are being cleared quickly for safety's sake. The number of animals saved has been impressive but so many have had to be put down and that weighs heavily on us. Canadair and the citizens of Canada have sent us a firefighting aircraft to fight our worst bushfire in 30 years. We have interstate firefighters helping us as we have helped them in the past. Today will be tough. We are dealing with fires even the best in the world could not easily put out. We are tough. We just have to hope the storms will not make it worse if they come and we get rain which would help ease the burden. Right now , we are in the thick of it. Later, it will be what so many people have to do all over the world - clearing up the mess. We are ready for it but some consideration, solidarity and human compassion  from people of import and position would not go astray. 

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