Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Thank you SA Parliamentarians

Image: abc.net.au

It is a very unsettling ride in Australian politics at the moment. We have had a lot to learn and I think we are finally getting it. When the federal defence minister freely and gratuitously insulted the work and the  workers of the Australian Submarine Corporation I was as incensed as anyone in South Australia. It was uncalled for and very damaging. I storified it so that I could keep a record of it , it was just such unheard of behaviour in our country. Hardly anyone has looked at it, but that doesn't matter. What matters is it's there for me to look at. What became clear, though, at the time was we have a state where parliamentarians will act swiftly and rationally on  any matter relating to the good name of our state and the people who work in it and for it. Both our Premier , Jay Weatherill and our opposition leader , Stephen Marshall spoke up clearly and strongly on our behalf and on the behalf of the Australian Submarine Corporation. A number of other prominent people in our state spoke strongly too. It was a good feeling. Inspite of the initial copy cat nonsense straight after the election, borrowed from current Australian politics , our state politicians have actually settled into a good rhythm . Maybe the sad loss of  Bob Such  has had its impact in a helpful way because Bob Such worked hard for the electorate he represented and was so well respected and now sadly missed. Our parliamentarians get up in the morning and go to work. They work hard for the state. They do what we do. We all have long hours, demanding, complex work conditions, performance standards to meet and behavioural expectations in the work place. When we are free, we have a great state to relax in and a place where we can dream our dreams or just mooch and have a nice day. Our parliamentarians talk to us, represent us, speak on our behalf, speak up for causes and groups and generally conduct themselves in a productive , positive way. It's actually comforting to know that now that I have realised it. Most of the federal parliamentarians from this state are people we can be proud of and who work for an optimistic, burgeoning Australia which will benefit all of us. The state parliamentarians are good at what they do and are currently focussing on how to improve the future outlook for our state. We'll do it. We are creative , flexible thinkers here and we have some good research people in our universities who come and talk to us to help us along. I like that about our state. We all talk to each other and we all try and be good at what we do. Yes, there are those who are not like that, but that doesn't hold us up in any way. We are like running water. We glide over the bumps!

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