Saturday, November 08, 2014

Adelaide in the 80s

If you missed Adelaide in the 80s, this is pretty much it. We were all very fit, mad on aerobics and it heralded the era of good fresh food and more exercise which has become a permanent feature of our South Australian lifestyle. We had the outfits, the music, the venues, the TV programmes and videos. We were alive. Speaking of Adelaide Alive - our Grand Prix also featured aerobics groups too. That is how into it we were. This love of fitness branched out into cycling, kindergym, walking, gym circuits and since then we have become adept in finding the right level of fitness activity for who we are so now you find people skateboarding, walking the dog, surfing, body boarding, swimming, canoeing , kayaking...all because aerobics got us all moving in such a fun way. 

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