Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Fashion Icons Exhibition

So excited!! Adelaide is finally really getting there. After all the hoo-ha with public transport infrastructure redevelopment, the revamping of the Mall and the constant disruption to all and everything, well, my trip to town was living proof we can do it and do it well. The Mall seems empty without its coffee shops which were so popular and the beloved fruit  and fruit juice stands are gone. I am hoping that they will return to one of the side streets. Not having the Mall full of "stuff" means there is a clear and open feel to it. The Asian food area has established itself well in the Renaissance Arcade and David Jones is abuzz with its redevelopment. I have never seen their staff so positive, optimistic and just genuinely happy. The changes are still coming but today there was a complete lift in tone and atmosphere. We can feel the life being breathed into us. We can feel the style which is coming and we can feel that sense of creative endeavour which we thought was just nuisance renovation and annoying change. Whoever has their eye on this has conceived it well because it is coming together to produce a city which we are loving. We can feel it is going to be fabulous! Part of that is the Fashion Icons Exhibition opening at the Art Gallery in late October. It has linked us back into the wider world in a really great way and the shops are picking up on the theme. We have lift off.

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