Sunday, September 14, 2014

Community Broadcasting

About Community Broadcasting in Australia is a very good clip with some startling information. The interesting thing is Blogger won't find the YouTube clip so I can post it straight here and if you click on the share button on the YouTube clip it just hangs. Nothing happens. So are we not meant to share this good news? 5 million Australians listen to 444 community radio stations each week. Some of my time is given over to listen to community radio or television because you can't get more local than that. It can be like having friends over. It can be really interesting and it can remind you that you live in an area where things are happening all the time. Things which you wouldn't know about necessarily because main stream media run to an agenda. Community radio creates that sense of belonging and it is growing all the time. It's an opportunity for people to practise their media skills, find an avenue to share their knowledge and information but it can just be good to know what is going on locally. I am disappointed I can't share this clip properly. Community radio is worth tuning into from time to time. 

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