Monday, July 14, 2014

Winter in Adelaide

Adelaide is doing New Zealand very well at the moment which is why it is so fresh and green. I don't do grey, wet and miserable very well but occasionally we have those days where the sun pops out in between the rain and there is a touch of blue and the green is so vibrant. I can take my dog for a walk and it's not that wet underfoot and we can enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine. I have to watch for the muddy bits but even they are not that bad. It has been freezing cold for Adelaide. Icy. Others  from elsewhere might think it's okay but we are cold. We are creating an interesting winter look , though. Some are dressing up and adding nice scarves to their outifts and it looks good. Others are piling on the layers. I saw one guy with his baseball hat and a thin woollen beanie on top of it with his sunnies perched on top of the cap peak. Looked interesting and different. Those doing the layered look are coming up with some nice combinations. For once Adelaide has got away from the dark blue and grey customary wear for winter and that's usually been a fleecy top and track pants. You still need your sunglasses because every so often that sun just comes out, even for a little bit,  and can be dazzling. To see the green freshness and the gum trees looking happy is worth all of this wet and cold and so I am trying to look at the benefits of freezing and having to wear mountains of clothes. Having a dog that likes walking has helped. She is happy to get out on a walk and looks forward to it. I am trying to learn form her. 

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