Saturday, April 05, 2014

Adelaide Oval

Everyone I have met who has been to the new , redeveloped Adelaide Oval is raving about it . About half my friends are AFL fans and they just love being able to go into town to see the footy. There have been capacity crowds. One friend said he was a bit worried the bridge would collapse because there were so many people on it, but he had reasured himself it wouldn't! This is how unused to  bridges we are in Adelaide. At Darling Harbour or on the Yarra you never think those sorts of thoughts. You just cross over and enjoy the view. There have been a lot of posts in my Facebook feed about the Adelaide Oval and how great it is. Driving out to Football Park has always been a chore for those in outlying suburbs and the parking has never been the best nor has it been easy to socialise there before or after the event. This way so many people can catch a bus or train into town, tourists can easily find it and see either the cricket in summer or the football in winter and they can have a meal before or after the match in one of our great cafes or restaurants.. There is tweaking to be done, but on the whole, this has given our city and our population so much joy already. There was so much discussion, and rightly so, but this new venue has now been welcomed with open arms. Our cricket pitch at the Adelaide Oval was picturesque and historic. We have let it go because we are not a rich city and we need to make the best use we can of our amenities. The bridge is a bonus. It is something which has really cheered everyone up. We need to make our city easier to be in and a place for people to relax and feel at home. I am pleased it has worked so well because it will help mitigate the pain of what was a very tough decision.

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