Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Digital Venous - Richard Gohl

**No spoilers**

Richard Gohl is one of our new Adelaide authors and I like to support and read our own. I can't say that I am particularly fond of science fiction books but I really quite liked this one because it dealt well with a number of pertinent social issues around family of origin and possible lifestyle issues in the future. You can get Digital Venous on Amazon. This is the first novel I  have read on my iPad. I still prefer a hard copy for novels but I have read short stories, articles and fact books on my iPad. It was an interesting experience to read a novel such as this on my iPad because I felt that all those things I thought about reading a proper hard copy were not relevant. I liked this book from the first chapter and it suited the digital medium well. The writer has a  really good economic style and the book moves along well so it suits Adelaide's predilection for having something to read no matter where you are. The chapters are on the shorter side and the iPad tells you how many pages so you can make a good judgement as to whether you want to read another chapter or not. This is a book by an Adelaide author which suits how we live. It also reflects how we think and talk. I found myself chuckling at times because the way characters were expressing themselves was just as we would to each other. There was an Adelaide authenticity to the manner of speech and thinking. It was more than that , though. It had, at times, a profound insight into what would confront us as adults and children if we took some of our technological advances to some intelligently thought out, logical conclusions. There were times I was thinking I was watching a TV show and so it did not surprise me when I got to the end and found out that Richard Gohl had written scripts for stage and screen. There is that digital visual aspect to it and it moves at the pace of a TV show. There is a good gender balance in the characters who are all defined well but I was a bit annoyed at times that more wasn't made of the relationships and characters which is why a TV show came to mind. I instinctively wanted to know them better and see what would happen. There is room for sequels to this book and I'd like that. I found the explanations of scientific and technological ideas and concepts were done in such a way they were not burdensome and I liked the imaginative construction of how normal life could be in the future. It did seem normal and it did seem possible which is why the issues which were confronted were worth being aired. We do need to think about these things. The author has a capacity for wit and an equal capacity for touching moments. I look forward to the sequels now as this was a nice way to pass the rainy afternoons we have been having.

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