Saturday, September 21, 2013

The case of the hiding cabinet 2013

Image: Courier Mail

It's not going to work. It's 2013 and we are not buying into it.  In two weeks the Abbott government is already making itself superfluous to requirements because it is old, stuffy and glued in its treacle cabinet behind closed doors. Hiding out is hardly a practical approach to governing let alone a desired one. South Australians are well used to a government which doesn't talk to them or anyone else and just makes decisions which are irrelevant. One of our most progressive premiers, Mike Rann, who had the state booming, stopped talking to us and went into his own little world and no longer connected. The upshot was he became superfluous to us. We had no idea what he was thinking. The decisions he made were not meaningful to us and most of what happened just annoyed and angered us more and more because things were happening and we were not included. We are a democratic state. What we think and what we want is important to the process of  governing.  Australians are generally well educated and on the ball. It doesn't explain how we managed to vote in the Abbott government but I think if you look at the real numbers you will see most people did not vote for him or his party. The win came from the Coalition and the distribution of seats. Were the ALP to do the same thing, they could win, too. Then there is the matter of a corrupt and biased media which we are abandoning. NZ may well have noticed they have had more visits from Australia over the last 2 weeks. Other countries around the world will probably notice their news sites are getting more visits from Australians. A huge proportion of Australians are bilingual and multilingual so those who can read news elsewhere will. We currently do not have any news. We don't have a paper which can just bring us facts and correct information about events in Australia.There is even a media belief that "balanced" news is wrong!! Our papers pick a politician or key figure and shoot them down and try to ensure they never get up again. We have lost so much talent and expertise this way and we know it. The anger of the morning of September 8th has not gone away. No one wants to talk about  the election. If they do hear or see Tony Abbott then , generally, a barrage of swear words and invective comes out. Then an apology. It is unable to be contained and that is the problem.  So many people just cannot bear to look at Tony Abbott and so many people just cannot stand him. He makes them feel ill. That is something which will not change and so there is a credibility issue here for the government. There is a prime minister whom no one takes seriously, no  one is listening to and no  one wants. He exacerbates the situation by locking 18 men and a woman in a hide and seek game in cabinet. Other unpopular prime ministers have had a side or quality which can be highlighted. Tony Abbott's is that he is fit. Fit for what?

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