Monday, April 22, 2013

New logo for South Australia

Image: adelaidenow

Well, we would not have known we had a new logo had it not been for the article above on the Adelaide Now site. The comments are right. It looks like a hole. It looks like a door you go through to walk out of the State and Australia. Australia looks like a folded bit of flimsy card and Tasmania is well and truly missing. The 1.3 million logo does not represent us at all and it's not a representation of Australia either. Leaving Tasmania out is a serious oversight. Unthinkable.  The comments with the article say it all. It is dull , uninteresting and the money would have gone to better use elsewhere - like saving local jobs and businesses, creating initiatives for the state. We had no idea, so we have had no say and now we are stuck with something again which is making us look useless. We actually need someone who understands the value of South Australia. Don Dunstan made it the coolest state to live in because he understood it and was prepared to create a daring vision for us. You know, so many South Australians have done wonderfully well inspite of banal logos like this. We should laud what we have done as a state and we should allow people to know. It's pretty impressive.

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