Monday, April 01, 2013

I just want to walk my dog

The myth that black dogs are a menace has not been dispelled this week. A week ago I was taking my dog for a walk and got slammed  in the leg by a black labrador retriever barrelling angrily down its driveway growling and headed straight for my dog. Went straight into my leg and then tried to get my dog. The owner said he was a nice dog but never gets out but he let his dog have two more goes at mine while I was trying to work out if my leg worked or not. I accept dogs do accidentally get out even when you don't mean them to. I accept some dogs are just kept in the back yard, but my dog now hasn't had a walk for over a week because I can't walk. I had X-rays and 3 days  off work. There is no major damage but having taken the full weight of a big dog against my leg, I have to now wait until it's better. I can't live my own life and all I wanted to do was take my dog for a walk. She comes from the RSPCA and I have had her 7 months now. She was physically and mentally abused and this walk - which was the same very time,was to get her steadied down and reassured. She took no notice of the attack. She was by my other leg, which is why I got slammed into I suppose, and then she lay down until it was all over. We had been walking the same walk for 7 months and had crossed over to that side of the road because a corner house on the other side had two mad dogs which ran up and down the garden, leaping at the fence and barking a lot. They had been trying to dog under and once the weather changed I wasn't going to go down that way because it was only a matter of time before those dogs got themselves out and were a menace on the street. Maybe the labrador retriever needs to get out on a walk too to get used to other animals and people. Maybe the owner should have got hold of him and put him back inside but the owner seemed to be convinced he was a nice dog and would settle down. While my knee is healing I have time to think how I can now walk my dog in my area but stay out of harm's way as well.

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